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I just can't...

I can't stand all this shit happening once and again and again in the J-rock world...

Isshi...rest in peace...

One of my favorite singers is gone...and it happened on the 18th but just now everyone is being informed...even Ruki just found out over Twitter...

I just can't take it...I loved the Kagrra, deeply...I really suffered when they broke up but THIS...this can't be undone...this is really something terrible...I've been crying since I found out...

And I'm sorry to bring this up but now I kinda feel even more worried about Hizumi...I'm actually scared something like this could happen to him too...

Nobody knows the cause...but I wonder if it was a long term sickness or something...maybe that was why they broke up in the first place?

God I can't stop crying...I just can't...it hurts so much...I was sad about Taiji but it didn't really affect me...this on the other hand makes my chest hurt a lot...

But... "Death is the beginning of enternity..." right, Isshi? You will always live on in our hearts...



A friend of mine passed away last week...on thursday...and man it hurt like hell, I've known him since friggin' highschool! (yeah, like 7 years or something...) even though we couldn't contact each other so much due to him being in the Law faculty and me being here in Accountancy and Managment we were 'siblings'...his name was Daniel.

I'm going to write a lot, I want to remember everything I can and I'm gonna write it here so long entry will be long, sorry U_U

long ass entry is LONGCollapse )

Lately I'm only using this thing to post about bad stuff uh?

I promise I'll try to write fun stuff...or at lest complain less ^^U

I will forever remember you~

♫ In this society where you can't even know west or east
Pure darkness is approaching
The hope that bears tomorrow fades
The light gets enchained and disappears ♫ - Sai

Everyone must be crying right now at the last live, and I mean both the audience and them ;_______;

Good bye Kagrra, </3

I'm less upset now you know? It hurts but last time I was really crying...now I've come to terms with it...

Utakata ♥Collapse )

You were one of the first bands I liked from J-rock and one of those few who where really talented, you weren't just looks like many others (actually you weren't really handsome for the usual standards) you were pure talent, and I also liked that offstage you would let your happy and playful personalities show and be recorded for us ^^ Thanks for being always in contact, sending fan messages, making fan trips (I mean not many bands do that...) and recording diligently Kagrra, no Su for more than 4 years...

I regret not being able to ever see you live, and not paying much attention to you in the beginning ;___; When Jrock Revolution was held I barely knew who you where...

And even if it's a selfish wish I hope today's live is gonna be recorded or something, at least that way I can have something. I hate that ever since I came to this fandom not a single Live DVD has been released besides the PSC Carnival ones...you have released tons of great songs lately and few of them I have been able to 'watch live'.

♫ I mark the calendar and it takes away my pulse

I gaze far, far beyond and I wrap this hand and quietly you

I heard you said that we’ll meet again with a gentle smiling face
“We’ll meet again!”
To the distant future you mutter a pure white lie
♫ - Shiroi uso

Uhm...Nao I still like you ♥ XDDD you are damn cute I don't care how old you are, you also were one of my few J-rock crushes XD I wanna see you now in Tokyo Hi Black ^^ And the rest of you, Isshi, Akiya, Shin and Izumi, I hope you don't waste your talents and keep being part of the music scene...well Isshi, you can write a novel or something too, I love the way you write ♥...Just none of you try to draw, that won't do guys, you're gonna starve lol *remembering old Su episodes*

♪ I want to meet you one more time

this crowd that's arranged like a numeral pounds onto something while hurrying ahead

While I'm in the trafic jam I feel my forgotten dreams and hopes
And the smiling face of someone
who has always been at my side ♪ - Shigatsu Tsuitachi

さらば You'll always be in my mind...

I'm a crybaby and I complain a lot but I don't care if I annoy you guys, this band means a lot to me, I met some nice people through it, the music was soothing and I loved picking out all the sounds and the richness of each song, also the lyrics were meaningful and well done, I've followed them for years so this really affected me ;__;

♪ My dreams are far, far away; they’ve grown hazy
Scream out now and send my voice to the heavens

This “scream” reaches out beyond lightning
It passes through time; limitless and powerful
It strikes down that towering wall ♪ - Sakebi

Mmm...all I've been posting here lately are complaints lol and sorry for the f-page killing :/

Aokakesu I owe you a phone D:

It was the one the robbers took since mine was like in the depths of the small bag with flags which I carry inside my schoolbag lol Since you said you probably would go visit I was intending to return it to you so I took it with me in the morning :S 

I'm sorry ;______;


I find rather ironic that it was the only thing they took from me being I had silver rings and the bluetooth earphones on -__- neither they took the mp3 player or the phone that was actually useful since yours had no energy since god knows when XD and of course they wouldn't take the book I had on my hands since books = no value...I mean I'm glad but it's really ironic...

Also how can people be so stupid .___. why shoot if there's is no need? I really think it was a blanks gun but still...omg the noise...my ears hurt and I hear a buzz @____@ and the poor woman besides me was crying a lot 'cause it scared the shit out of her ...uhm the rest of the way home I was pondering if it's normal to have no reaction at all...well besides losing the little faith on humanity I still had...I guess it's kind of a bad sign when you come to accept your life with this kind of stuff happening like everything else...

...one thing annoys me: I couldn't mark the page I was reading so now I have to search where I was before being interrupted  -___- ok maybe another thing too: that goddamed buzzing and the 'numbness' on my ears >_> if it's not because of a concert I really don't appreciate being half deaf  

t (<_< )
 OMFG it's been eooooons since I last came to LJ to actually CHECK everything D: ...not just making quick posts or stalking omona XDD 

I'm a lousy internet friend TT______TT it's just....when I'm working I don't have much time...and on vacations I'm usually catching up with my family and doing stuff at home I can't usually do...fixing stuff, gardening, watching movies, cleaning up my room, etc... so I don't spend much time in front of the computer :S

I miss u guys ;__;)/ , and I love youuuuuuu ♥♥ and I hope you have a nice celebration (if you do celebrate) or have a nice calm night at home ^^

I'm at my dad's place XD and we don't celebrate actually, my family is not much of parties and gatherings nor are we too religious, so I'll be just helping my dad in the shop and probably just dinning some cod fish later while watching TV lol but anyways I want to send virtual hugs to all of you :3 I like giving people affection all year long but since it's more of a tradition to show love in this time of the year I shall join everyone XD


Enjoy the celebrations ^^

PD. hope you get some nice presents :P


Because kay_dalle asked for it XD

Today I got my 2NE1 poster which was missing from an order I placed at DVDHeaven like a month ago or something >_> well I'm glad that in the end they did send this and the SuJu poster that was missing :) Still not quite a good impression since in the 3 years I've been ordering from CDJapan I've never ever lost a thing or had a wrong order lol

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It's huuuuuuuge and they are beautiful ♥♥♥♥♥♥

AND TODAY VACATIONS STARTEEEEEEED :DDD No work for like 2 weeks and a half :D God bless the University XDDD



"Where Kagrra, is, is where everyone is. Where everyone is, is where I am."

It hurts...I'm almost never upset about things artist do...I fangirl but I think I'm a fairly levelheaded person so I don't go overboard trying to kill their girlfriends or cursing them for changing their musical style...

But I'm crying right now because a band I love so deeply is meeting it's end.

good bye...Collapse )


I swear...

I just find FacebookTwitter easier XDDD


Challenge day 2

I was forgetting about this XDDDDDD and it's been just a day lol I fail in so many levels XD ok it's *technically* still yesterday...for me the day ends when I go to sleep ok??? XD

I love these gifs :DCollapse )



I'm a year older now :3

My darling aokakesu  came to the Faculty yesterday 8DDDD and we and my friends from work went to eat sushi to a nerby mall :DDDDD asdasfasda and she bought a mini choco cake...so tasty :3 and she's always so lovely and cute even if she nevers accepts she loves meeee and tosses me around when I hug her LOL I missed her, actually I miss all my other friends from the Uni, it's been long since we've seen each other :C I wanna see the others soon :B

I was happy because many people remembered even friends from highschool and such :D

LOLZ I'm probably be invited to eat out with the bosses today because my boss didn't even know and realized it was my birthday when he saw the massive amounts of stuff that aokakesu brought to my office XD then the big big boss called when I was on the bus home saying she had been very busy and couldn't go to the basement to congratulate me properly LOLOLOL I don't belive it, I bet karykaos told her when she was leaving XDDD I mean it's good for me but I feel bad for David 'cause his birthday was last week and only karykaos and I took him out to celebrate :( bad bosses are baaaaaad XD

ASDSDFASD I'm playing Okami and I'm so so soooo bad at it 8DDDD but it's so much fun trying to do the brush strokes XD guuuurrl thanks for the gift *A*

Stanning more that 3 kpop groups is almost impossible ;A; I'm so behind the news since I returned to work >_< But...I'm starting this, it's a new year for me so I should start doing some stuff I've been procrastinating for long right?? lol plus my LJ is collecting dust since I spend a lot of time in Facebook XDDDD

30 days challengesCollapse )

And finally [sin]moral, the mexican Dir en Grey fanclub sono_ike and I made seems like it'll start proper activites LOL...I went with kay_dalle to meet some other people from the 'asian fanclubs' and man they are so cool and easy to talk to! XD they love both j-rock and k-pop and are super nice :'D I hope to meet with them again soon :DDD

I'm happy :D at least for this week I'm gonna forget about all the work I need to finish LOL

I promise I'm gonna catch up on weekend with you guys ;A;

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